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Curriculum Vitae
Komoróczy Géza PhD

* Publikációs lista / publications

Géza Komoróczy
Professor emeritus, Eötvös University, Budapest, Hungary
Retired Director, Center of Jewish Studies at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Phone:      36 1 411-6749 (secretary)
                   36 1 411-6500/5048 (office)
Mailing address:        Budapest, VIII., Múzeum körút 4/F, H-1088, Hungary (office)
Higher education:
Eötvös University, Budapest, 1956-1961: history of the Ancient Near East, the cuneiform languages (Sumerian & Akkadian), Hebrew, Aramaic, Classical Greek, Latin; graduated 1961
Post-graduate studies: Charles University, Prague, 1963/64: Sumerian & Akkadian, Hittite, Aramaic
Degrees: Dr. phil. (Eötvös University, Budapest) (1969); PhD (CSc) (Budapest, Hungarian Academy of Sciences) (1976)
Professional activities:
From 1962 on, taught (and still teaches) at the Eötvös University, Budapest: history of the Ancient Near East, Sumerian, Akkadian, Hebrew (Bible), history of the Jews
Full professor: 1985; professor emeritus since November, 2007
Founder (1985) of the Section, later (1988) Department of Assyriology and Hebrew (Jewish Studies) at the Eötvös University, Philosophical Faculty, being its chair between 1988 and 2002
Founder (1987) and director of the Center of Jewish Studies at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences; since September, 2007, its Past Director
Visiting professor: Portland State University (Portland, Or., USA) (1981, 1983-1984 and 1987); Brown University, Dept. of Judaic Studies (Providence, RI, USA) (1991 and 1993)
Visiting lecturer: Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) (1969, 1972), Yerevan (1972), Sofia (1978, 1979), Freie Universität, Berlin (1981), Nimwegen (The Netherlands) (1981), Dallas (Texas, US) (2006, 2008), Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, 2006), etc.
Lecturer at international scholarly conventions
Study / field trips (from 1968 on) to the Middle East (Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, etc.), Israel (first time in January, 1988), Egypt, the Caucasus countries (Georgia, Armeia, Azerbaijan), the former Soviet Central Asia (Turkmenistan, Tadjikistan), India
Other activities:
Member of the Executive committee of the International Union of Jewish Studies, Jerusalem (1989-1997)
President of the Hungarian Helsinki Committee for Human Rights (1992-1998), honorary president (from 1999 on)
Member of the Committee of the "Scheiber Sándor Prize" (Minister of Education and Culture, Budapest)
Major grants (not including institutional grants): state research grants to the Soviet Union (from 1968 on, a couple of times) and to Iraq (1968); DAAD (Munich) (1981); fellow, Wissenschaftskolleg / Institute of Advanced Study (Berlin) (1989); fellow, Institut für Wissenschaften von Menschen (Vienna) (1994, 2001); Soros Foundation Research Grant (1999-2000); Széchenyi Professorial Grant (1999-2002); Hanadiv Foundation research grant (2005), etc.
Scholarly honors:
Ábel Jenő Memorial Medail (Hungarian Association of Classical Studies, Budapest) (1985); Scheiber Sándor Medail and Award for Fostering Jewish Culture (Minister of Culture and Education, Budapest) (1996); Bibó István Prize (Soros Foundation, Budapest) (1997); Pro Urbe Budapest Medail and Award (City Council and Mayor of Budapest) (1997); For the Jewish Culture in Hungary Award (Hungarian Jewish Cultural Association, Budapest) (2002); Széchenyi Prize (President of the State, Hungary) (2007), "»The Best« (Prima) in Education Prize" (2008).
For studies published in scholarly journals in Hungary and abroad see the Institute's homepage (as above), Komoróczy, Bibliográfia
Major books:
Five Scrolls from the Dead Sea (1961)
"In the Shining Joy of Your Holy Lap..." Anthology of Sumerian Literature (1970, 1983)
Sumerian and Hungarian? (1976)
The Sumerian Literary Tradition (1980)
Closing of Mind in the National Tradition: The Responsibility of Intellectuals in the Ancient Near East. Studies and Essays (1992, 1995)
"A Voice that Cries in the Wilderness": The Dead Sea Scrolls (1998)
The Holocaust: Burnings from Ashes on Our Skin (2000)
Hebrew Myths and Legends (2000, 2003)
The Jewish Budapest (1995) (with co-authors), in English: Jewish Budapest: Monuments, Rites, History (Budapest: Central European University Press, 1999)
Hebrew Sources Relating to the History of Hungary and the Jews in Hungary from the Beginnins until 1686 (2003) (with co-author)
TV Series
History of the Ancient Near East, Parts I-XIV (45 minutes each) (Hungarian Television) (1981)
Jewish Budapest, Parts I-V (20 minutes each) (2006)
Assyriologia (a book series), vols. 1 (1974) - 7 (1986)
Oikumene (a "year"-book), vols. 1 (1976) - 5 (1986) (published by the Akadémiai Kiadó, Budapest)
Hungaria Judaica (a series, from 1991 on, 22 volumes by now)
Center of Jewish Studies. Communications (a series, from 1988 on, 17 books and pamphlets by now)
Last updated: 20/03/2010

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